Free Thyme is Hard to Come By

For as long as I’ve had a personal outdoor space, I’ve had a potted herb garden. I enjoy cooking with herbs, but don’t enjoy the high prices of herbs in the grocery store, so I grow my own when possible. I don’t consider myself a plant killer; however, my green thumb gets muddier the more care a plant requires.

The one time I tried to grow cilantro, I remember being filled with joy when it started resembling the tender, verdant bunches I bought from the grocery store. Cilantro doesn’t last long in the fridge, so the thought of having fresh cilantro right on my patio made me giddy. Think of all the fresh pico de gallo I could make!

That summer I think I made one salsa from my homegrown patch. Sadly, something went horribly wrong and I was left with wimpy looking stems for the rest of the summer. I’m sure there’s a reasonable explanation out that that could tell me what went wrong (maybe I didn’t trim it enough), but after that summer I learned that I do better with low-maintenance leafy things.

This summer my boyfriend and I decided to continue our patio garden by growing:

  • Sweet 100 tomatoes
  • Mint
  • Basil
  • Thyme
  • Rosemary
  • Jalapenos
  • Bell peppers
  • Sorrel

I’ll admit, my boyfriend kept those plants alive this summer, but now that some of the plants are inside I have stepped up and started watering them 🙂

When our thyme plant started getting out of control (i.e. we weren’t making enough dishes with thyme in it), I decided to give some “free thyme” to my coworkers. We’re a busy bunch, so I thought they’d enjoy the pun :-). Along with the “free thyme” I included a little recipe on the back for my Tuscan Style Grilled Chicken.

All I did was take a sandwich baggie and add the cute topper over the zip-top part. Cute, right?

If you’ve got an excess of thyme you can download the topper I made (which includes my Tuscan Style Chicken Recipe) here.


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