Christmas Time is Near!

It’s been a while! Work has been crazy busy and I’ve had to work late the past three days. I’m exhausted, but I’m heading out for a conference in the morning. Please let this be energizing.

Now that I have some spare time, I wanted to share one of my Christmas decoration ideas. Covering the above-the-couch-art with wrapping paper to make it look like a festive holiday gift. I’ve seen this craft around Pinterest, and my mom used to do it a while back, so I thought I would do it to jazz up my living room. I was going for a hipster Christmas kind of look with the wood grain wrapping paper πŸ™‚ I even splurged and paid full price ($5) for the paper, which is kind of a big deal for me. I hate spending a ton on wrapping paper, but I have a weak spot for wood grain–and shiny gold paper πŸ™‚


All I did was wrap the front of my regular picture with the wrapping paper (I taped the paper to the wooden frame in the back) and tied a pretty bow I made with wired ribbon across the front. I had to add some tape on parts of the red ribbon to keep it from sagging on the picture from the weight of the bow. The finishing touch was a “tag” with a seasonal message


What do you think?


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