Homemade Pampering Gift Baskets

I’m back in Indiana and am enjoying my time off from work. I gotta say, I definitely needed a vacation. As promised, this post is about the Homemade Pampering Gift Baskets I made for my family. Here’s one of them:

Gift Basket 3

I had a ton of fun making them because they combined a number of my favorite crafts/hobbies into one gift: (1) sewing; (2) soapmaking; (3) making homemade beauty products; (3) creating pretty packaging; and (4) getting my boyfriend involved–he made the wooden soap dishes. 
Gift Basket 2

Gift Basket 1

Each basket had a combination of two types of soap, whipped shea and coconut body butter, luxurious lip balm, a therapeutic eye pillow, the soap dish, and the lovely basket. This basket was for my mother and had my cocoa butter soap (which I LOVE) and my carrot buttermilk soap. She’ll be one of my testers for the carrot buttermilk soap :-).

Want to make one (or some)? Here are the tutorials I used:

The Fabric Basket

Threading My Way via Sew Delicious

I used an iron-on heavyweight craft interfacing and decorator fabric. They were a breeze to make (only about 15 minutes) and made a huge dent in my scrap stash. I used my rotary cutter and mat to cut a bunch at once. These baskets are sturdy and have tons of uses after my family depletes its contents.

Carrot Buttermilk Soap

This was my first milk soap (using fresh milk) and they turned out great! I used the recipe from guest blogger Amanda Griffin from Lovin’ Soap Blog on Soap Queen. I love Amanda’s new recipes because they are palm free and she does a good job making the soap making process approachable.

Cocoa Butter Soap 

I did a little tweaking of  Sherry’s Fantastic Soap, and it was indeed fantastic. Check out her original recipe.

Luxurious Lip Balm 

I came up with this recipe from reading a number of posts about making lip balm. I’ll share the exact recipe in another post, but some of the ingredients I used included avocado oil, cocoa butter, and peppermint oil.

Whipped Shea and Coconut Butter 

I used Soap Queen’s tutorial, only I melted down my oils and chilled them significantly before mixing. I don’t have a stand mixer and didn’t want to kill my hand mixer by whipping room temperature coconut oil and shea butter.

Wooden Soap Dish

Tutorial coming soon, as soon as my boyfriend writes up the instructions 🙂

Therapeutic Eye Pillow

Post coming soon.

I have a feeling these baskets may make a reappearance around Valentine’s Day or Easter 🙂


9 thoughts on “Homemade Pampering Gift Baskets

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  2. What a fabulous idea to turn these baskets into Pampering Gift Baskets!!! They look great with the fabric you’ve chosen and packed with all those awesome products. Would you mind if I used one of your photos in a future post, featuring projects made with Threading My Way tutorials? I’d of course link back to this post.

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