Soap Tracker Printable–With Formulas!

Now that my soap stash has dwindled down to a few bars after being gifted in my Homemade Pampering Gift Baskets, I’m trying out some new recipes for Valentine’s Day. Soaps to try include a red wine soap, beer soap, coffee soap, dark chocolate soap. I’m so excited! I decided that I needed to do better with organization when it comes to remembering where I got recipes from, when I made batches, and when I can start using bars. My little make-shift sticky notes weren’t so handy as I tried to determine which bars were ready to be used. I also found that I didn’t always remember to make one for each batch I made. 😐 So today, I spent the better part of three hours making an Excel workbook with formulas to make keeping track of my soaping efforts easier. I’d like to thank the Excelisfun YouTube channel for helping me out. Seriously, this guy has almost 2,000 videos about Excel. Moving on…

Soap TrackerDownload the Soap Tracker

I’m sure there is a tracking sheet floating out there somewhere on the Internet, but I wanted one that was cute 🙂 I created a two sheet workbook–one has formulas and the other one doesn’t, in case you wanted to print it out and handwrite dates and such. I already have two batches to add: my tomato tea tree bar and my rebatched goat’s milk bars. Tutorials for that coming soon!

Happy Organized Soaping!


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