Liebster Award!!

When I started my blog back in November I told myself that this was for me. I wanted to keep a blog that was an honest reflection of me and what I love doing, whatever that may be at the moment. I didn’t think anyone, other than my friends and family, would read my blog, so you can only imagine my surprise and excitement when I saw that a ton of people commented on my first few posts.

All of these comments were so positive. Sure, not all of them made sense, but they were giving me such nice compliments. Why were they in the spam folder? Hmmm…After consulting “Blogging For Dummies” (a book my boyfriend bought me for Christmas), I learned that all of the comments were indeed spam. Darn it 😦 When I started getting real comments, which has been more recently, I was overjoyed! YAY! A real person cares about my post 🙂

I’m kind of a shy person when it comes to talking to people online, which is the complete opposite of me in real life. Extroverted in the real world, introverted in the cyber world. I’m getting better and am finding the courage to write to the bloggers I follow and it’s so cool when they write me back 🙂 One of these cool bloggers is Jennifer Olivarez, from Squirrel Picnic. She nominated me for the Liebster Award, which is an award given to up-and-coming bloggers who have less than 200 followers. This award is a way for bloggers to get to know one another and I am more than happy to accept.

The Rules

  1. Share 11 facts about yourself.
  2. Answer the awarder’s 11 questions.
  3. Ask 11 questions of your own.
  4. Nominate 11 bloggers.

Facts About Me

  1. When I lose my voice, I sound like Fran Drescher (this is me right now :-() ::insert nasally high-pitched laugh here::
  2. I played violin for eight years, from the fifth grade through senior year. While I didn’t play in college, I once serenaded people in the women’s community bathroom my freshman year. That bathroom had the best acoustics. 🙂
  3. I loved baking as a kid, and was pretty good at it, except for two occasions. Once, I added too much water to my brownie mix and ended up with Jell-O-like brownies (not tasty). Another time I tried to make cinnamon buns, but decided to let the rolls “rise” in the oven because I didn’t feel like waiting. Needless to say they turned out like rocks. We tossed them out the squirrels, but they apparently couldn’t/wouldn’t eat them 😦 I remember seeing one leaning against a cinnamon bun as he/she tried to eat it.
  4. My laundry room also serves as my craft room. I absolutely love it!
  5. I am known for being able to take good care of my things and keep up with them for a long time. I still have  a stapler (that is operational and in use) from 5th grade and I wake up to an alarm clock that I’ve had since the 7th grade. It sounds like a bell tower. 🙂
  6. My favorite holidays are Halloween and Christmas. I LOVE dressing up for Halloween!
  7. I’m a savory food kind of person. I’d rather eat a veggie than a fruit (weird, I know).
  8. I currently live near a corn field.
  9. I enjoy giving people gifts.
  10. I have a phobia of eating meat directly off of a bone. So, sadly I don’t eat ribs, chicken wings, or turkey legs.
  11. If I could do anything I would be a professional crafter, graphic designer, interior designer, and chef.

Squirrel Picnic’s Questions

Which cartoon character do you most relate to? 

Hmmm….Bob Belcher from Bob’s Burgers. My boyfriend told me Buzz Killington from Family Guy or Angelica from Rugrats. I don’t know. I feel like I’m over thinking this one…

The last time you went on a picnic, where did you go and who were you with?

I went on a picnic with my boyfriend two years ago in Frankenmuth, Michigan. It was a lot of fun! We snacked on 8-year-old cheddar, bread, and butter. So healthy!

In your experience, what foods should never be consumed in a sandwich?

Soggy lettuce or grainy tomatoes. They can RUIN a good sammie.

Out of all the places you’ve traveled, which destination has the most interesting people watching?

Any airport….or subway (Atlanta was pretty interesting).

What is the most adorable animal on earth?

Kittens 🙂 sadly, I’m allergic 😦

What craft or skill would you like to learn this year?

How to make polymer clay food charms. Or swirled soap.

What kind of camera do you use?

Hmm…I just got a new one. I used my brother’s for a few pictures and he has a Canon Rebel XTI. My old camera was a Fuijui film point and shoot. My new camera is a Canon PowerShot ELPH 320 HS 16.1 MP Wi-Fi Enabled, but I haven’t used it yet.

What do you usually do to unwind at the end of the day or after a stressful experience?

It depends, but it will be one of these three:

  1. Lay down
  2. Listen to music
  3. Make something

Finish this sentence: My life is not complete without…


What music are you listening to lately?

Bruno Mars, Frank Ocean, and hopefully Justin Timberlake soon!!

What would make today really great?

Having my voice go back to normal. And finishing a jersey t-shirt I started.

Sew Another Day’s Questions

1. What do you look for in a blog, what interests you? Like one topic in particular per blog or do you like a blog with a range of things?

I gravitate towards blogs about crafting, sewing, food, and creativity in general. I like bright, fun-looking blogs that have a youthful spirit.

2. What inspired you to start a blog?

I wanted to keep in touch with my creativity, despite the fact that I work full-time. I didn’t want work to take over my life, so this was my way to keep my passions alive.

3. Do you have any pets?

We have an African cichlid name Gillian (get it, “gill” lol).

4. What’s your favourite TV show and why?

I really like Parks and Recreation. I love its humor and that it’s based on real cities in Indiana.

5. If you could live anywhere in the world, where would it be and why?

Hmm…London maybe, or Chicago. London because I went there dor a study abroad experience and loved it. Chicago because it’s a fun midwest city.

6. Do you have a hobby, if so what is it and how long have you been doing it for?

I have several! My major ones are sewing, various crafts, cooking/baking, and recently soapmaking. I’ve been sewing since the 8th grade, cooking since middle school, and sopaing since the early fall.

7. Favourite season and why?

Summer, although I have terrible allergies 😦 I can’t stand being cold!

8. What is your greatest achievement?

Earning a master’s degree and getting a full-time job right after graduation.

9. Any new years resolutions?

Lose weight, be healthier, you know the usual types 🙂

10. Have you ever met anyone famous?

Yes, Keegan Gerhard from Food Network ( and Nikki Giovanni (

11. Will you repost this?

Already did!

My Questions

  1. Why did you start blogging?
  2. What are your three favorite blogs?
  3. What’s one thing you hope to learn/accomplish this year?
  4. What’s one thing you cannot live without?
  5. What’s your favorite fad from the 90s?
  6. Mac or PC?
  7. Have you ever sampled something in the grocery store and then actually purchased it?
  8. What’s a bad habit you’ve never been able to break?
  9. What is your most prized possession?
  10. What is your go-to item in your wardrobe?
  11. Favorite ice cream?

My Nominations

Some of these blogs I’ve been following for a while and some I just discovered.

sweet like {brown} sugar

Haute Pepper Bites


Modern Makery

bona fide clyde


a ginger thing

Untitled 1986

Sew Another Day


scissors & spraypaint


10 thoughts on “Liebster Award!!

  1. Aw, thank you for nomintating me! It’s so strange to think someone has read my blog already; I know it can’t be that interesting or put together in it’s early stages 😛 So thank you, I really appreciate it.
    I shall get to answering these questions as soon as I get the chance!

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