February 15th = Semi-Annual 50% Off Candy Day!

It’s February 15th, so you know what that means! Happy Semi-Annual 50% Off Candy Day! Now that Valentine’s Day has ended stores have to hurry up and get rid of all that “holiday” themed candy, which means I can finally refill my candy dish at work. Sadly, it’s been holding an unwanted handfull of Halls cough drops and a lone tootsie roll for the past four months–I had a terrible cold and I thought the cough drops would be a nice treat for both myself and the sick students I met with. Now that the cold season is nearing an end, I need to put something a little more enticing in there for my students (and me, I’ll admit it).

Even though Valentine’s Day is over, I wanted to share with you what I gave my coworkers yesterday–candied almonds. I would consider this an anytime treat, just make up a new pun based on the day or how you feel 🙂 This holiday’s pun is…

“I’m nuts about you!”

Candied Almonds Recipe with Printable

The recipe is from mybakingaddiction.com and I can say they were really simple to make. Luckily, I had vanilla sugar on hand! I made a batch of the vanilla sugar about a year ago and have been saving it for special occasions. This was definitely a time to break out the good stuff. I omitted the salt because the almonds I used were already salted. I also added in a bit of nutmeg. I think the best part of making these, besides the smiles on my coworkers faces when I gave them away, was the heavenly smell that wafted from the oven.

How Do You Make Vanilla Sugar?

If you want to make your own vanilla sugar, just put a few cups (4 cups is a good amount) of plain old table sugar in a food processor along with the seeds that you’ve scraped from 3-4 vanilla beans. DON’T THROW OUT THE PODS. Pulse a few times to evenly disperse the beans. Pour the sugar into a canister  and stick the empty pods into the sugar. Let this sit for a while (3 weeks is good) so the flavor and aroma can seep into the sugar.

You can download the cute tags below. I left a few blank so you can write in the message of your choice. I bagged the almonds in icing bag and tied it with curling ribbon.

Candied Almonds Recipe with Printable

Valentines Day Tags

How do like to show people you care throughout the year?


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