The Curious World of Cake Decorating

I have to say that things have been going well! The weather is warming up, and with that comes a whole new world of happiness for me. I love the warmer months, except for the fact that I have terrible allergies in the spring and summer. Summer seems to bring about a new attitude and excitement in me. I’m a June baby, so I think I have a natural affinity for the summer.

As you know, I have a ton of hobbies and rotate through them based on my mood and motivation :-). Kitting is the laziest craft for me. Lately, I’ve been keeping myself busy with cake decorating which requires a lot of motivation. 🙂 I like to think that cake decorating is a valuable skill for the everyday person. I know I’m nowhere near professional level, but I’m certainly good enough to make a regular cake look extra special. When I have kids one day, I’ll be making their birthday cakes and cupcakes to take to school.

I just finished the third Wilton cake decorating class and will be on class two of the fourth class this Thursday. I took a bit of a break (about 3 years) between the second and third classes, but luckily cake decorating is kind of like riding a bike–you never really forget. The third class focused on covering a cake in fondant (which is surprisingly easy) and basic gum paste flowers. I created the center flower on my own using a tutorial from PolkaDot Made and learned the calla lilies in the class. Here’s the final cake I made:

Wilton Class 3

The cake was covered with a homemade marshmallow fondant, colored with AmeriColor soft gel paste coloring in Avocado. I used the recipe from

Wilton Class 3

Wilton Class 3

In just over a month, I’ve made four cakes for various occasions. I think things are going to be slowing down now. Here’s the cake I made for work for a bridal shower party.

Buttercream Cake

I used Wilton’s buttercream recipe (you’ll have to thin it) and smoothed it using the Viva paper towel method. For a good tutorial, view this YouTube video. I used a fondant smoother instead of my hand.

Buttercream Cake

For this cake, I was assisted by my good friend and we had a heck of a time studding the top with pearls. I didn’t level my cakes (I was being lazy), so the top was a little domed. :-). By the time we were done, there were enough sugar pearls on the floor for a Borrower to make a double strand pearl necklace. :-).

Buttercream Cake

I have to say that I’m pretty proud of my skills. I can’t wait to share my two Relay for Life cakes with you!


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