DIY Gum Paste Storage Board

Having a plethora of hobbies can get expensive. Because I change them up so often, I try to get creative when it comes to finding alternatives for “required” tools. Cake decorating is one of those hobbies. If you’re not careful, you could easily spend a ton of money on seemingly “necessary” odds and ends, especially when you’re signed up for those cake decorating classes.

I’m on the final Wilton class and I’m kind of ashamed of how much I spent on supplies for the third class. Having had enough, I decided to get creative one night and make my own version of a necessary class item: the gum paste storage board. The storage board keeps your cutouts from drying out as you’re working on other things. It is actually a nifty item to have on hand, but I think Wilton has gotten enough of my money.

What You’ll Need

  • 2 gallon freezer bags
  • Chunky yarn or bakers twine
  • Needle (that your twine or yarn can fit through)
  • Plastic cover or backing from an old planner or notebook
  • Tape
  • Scissors


Cut the zip top off the top of the freezer bags. Cut the left and right sides of the freezer bags open. Repeat for other bag.

DIY Gum Paste Board

Stack your bags on top of the plastic cover so that the uncut bottom is on top of the holes in the plastic cover. Wrap a little bit of the edge around to the back and tape, like so:DIY Gum Paste Board

Pre-poke holes to make sewing easier.

DIY Gum Paste Board


Thread the needle with your yarn or twine and stich across the top, through all layers. You can do a simple straight stich or blanket stitch. Whatever you prefer.DIY Gum Paste Board

Knot and cut the ends.

DIY Gum Paste Board

Remove the tape and trim the excess plastic bag from the bottom. I used a rotary cutter to make a clean cut. DIY Gum Paste Board


DIY Gum Paste Board

Now go make some gum paste flowers!

Gum Paste Rose






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