My First Post

My mother always taught my brother and I to go beyond others’ expectations, no matter how lowly the task. She instilled in me that the details matter and that it pays off to take the time to make things look good. I’ve always had a strong passion for making things, and had (and still have) a wide array of hobbies and interests. I have a few hobbies I always return to, such as sewing, cooking, and baking, but I love delving into a new hobby. Although I don’t put too much stock in astrology, I think my attitudes and behaviors towards crafting are best captured by the characteristics assigned to my astrological sign–the Gemini. I enjoy learning new things, as illustrated by the smörgåsbord of hobbies and crafts I have tried (I’ll have to post a picture of my craft/laundry room :-)) and I like variety in my life, so I am constantly doing something new. In short, I was born and raised to be creative.

With the rise in the popularity of crafting and how easy it is to spread inspiration and ideas (i.e. Pinterest, StumbleUpon, CraftGawker, etc.) I’ve felt an insatiable desire to try new things. After encouragement from friends and family, I’ve decided to create a blog dedicated to the two things I love the most–curiosity and creativity. I’ll post what inspires me, my version of crafts or dishes, along with “Stephanie Originals,” which will be my attempts at posting something new and original {insert sarcastic comment about how nothing is original in today’s world}.

I hope you’ll stick around for my journey. Thanks for stopping by! Be sure come back soon!

Here’s to Curiosity Etc.