Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas!! I know I haven’t written in a while, but I promise new posts will be coming soon. This year I decided to do a “Homemade Christmas” to be financially responsible and keep with the Christmas spirit of thoughtfulness. I know that some of my friends and family follow my blog, so I didn’t want to go posting pictures and tutorials about the gifts they would be getting. I already have a hard enough time keeping secrets. There have been many a times that I’ve accidentally told people the gifts I was giving them, :-S so I wanted to be cautious.

Anywho, I’m in Michigan visiting with the family and had a wonderful Christmas. My family loved their pampering gift baskets of homemade soaps and toiletries–post coming soon–and I had a hilarious time trying to photograph the things that I made–another post about that too.

We decided to mix things up this year and scrap the traditional Christmas dinner. Normally we have turkey, ham, macaroni and cheese or mashed potatoes (made by yours truly), collard greens, cranberries, baked sweet potatoes, and dressing (I think that’s everything :-)). My grandmother, having had the same meal for Christmas year after year, had to do something different. As a caveat my family has a host of dietary restrictions and specifications. My brother, aunt, and now mother are vegetarian and or vegan. My brother is also allergic to dairy. Because it’s just my grandmother (or gamie as we affectionately call her), my boyfriend, and I who eat meat we’re always concerned about having an overwhelming amount of left overs. We’re doing better about cutting down on the amount of food, but it’s still challenging.

This year, we decided the stars would be bacon wrapped roast beef and ham. For the sides, we had some of the usuals (my herby goats cheese mashed potatoes and baked sweet potatoes) along with some new dishes: green and great northern beans with fried onions and cooked apples. For dessert, Christmas wouldn’t be complete without my gamie’s strawberry cheesecake. I’ll have to see if she’ll share her recipe with me. I’ll have to post my herby goats cheese mashed potatoes too.

Well, I hope you had a merry Christmas! Come back soon!